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Timeless ancestral balconies

Restoring Montreal balconies

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Rebuilding classical The Victorian porch is a lost art over the years I have rebuilt many old classical balconies and veranda, with this experience that I obtained I have become one of the best Victorian builders of the old gothic days reproducing an old Victorian style veranda is not easy by using old photographs and techniques I can rebuild your old Victorian balcony..

making it look like it was just built yesterday, giving it its old glory back finding someone to do this kind of work is very hard and to get the quality craftsmanship needed to do this kind of job is very difficult, these days all the young carpenters just  by stuff already made, but when you have to rebuild it custom it takes time and craftsmanship.

that’s why at patio deck art we are the specialists in this old lost art of master craftsmanship over the years I’ve been working with  architects designers and creators of old craftsmanship techniques I have over 35 years of experience in this type of work by doing this kind of work I have found many places where you can get  roof slates iron railings.  and many more different kinds of materials needed to rebuild your balcony with our special mobile Craftsman wood shop it’s very convenient to do the work on the job site it saves time and money for the customer we actually do our own welding on site CRAFTED BY HAND, DESIGNED FOR YOU.

  • Robin Tremblay
  • Master carpenter and professional installer

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  • Over 35 years of patio building experience
  • Robin has the vision and industry knowledge to turn your deck into a reality. Together we will work on all the plans to create the perfect deck.
  • “Keeping up with new products and design styles has allowed me to work with some of the best architects, designers and builders in the industry. I learned how to maximize the use of space while keeping the area visually appealing. »
  • Finally, with that said, Robin will guide you through all the stages of designing and drawing the plans and personally building your new patio and you will get a five year warranty for labor, it's the best warranty in industry, why because we have confidence in our know-how.
  • Robin Tremblay
  • Master carpenter and professional installer


If you are planning to build a new deck or patio, look no further with over 500 different timeless designs and patterns I am sure you will find something that will fit right into your backyard.

Timeless classic Montreal balconies