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modele patio en cedré design
patio 2 niveux modele design ideé bois traité
Patio construit en composite trex avec piscine semi creusée intégrée et aussi cuisine extérieure
modele patio en cedré design
Patio terrasse un niveau en cèdre rouge de l'ouest avec bain tourbillon avec pergola
modele design patio composite trex

Review for Patio Deck-Art

Relationship: Client
Anne-Marie Favreau
Project Date:June 2014
It is a pleasure to work with them from start to finish. They are passionate about their patio. We spent hours creating our dream patio!! A patience of the thunder ….. All the ends of long days of work, end with a meeting to plan the work of the next day. Our patio is unique and meets OUR needs, In addition, certain adjustments had to be made and after-sales service is the same as during construction.

Review for Patio Deck-Art

Relationship:client richnic

Project Date:May 2015
Robin and Maxime (Father and son) built us a quality and incredibly beautiful deck! It all started with our meeting with Maxime where we discussed our future deck. Maxime then offered us a tailor-made design by offering us a plan that we adjusted together. (even during construction.) They have always been attentive to our needs. You can’t go wrong with patio Deck-Art, they are professionals who build very high quality decks with a perfect finish.

Thank you very much guys, you’re the best!
Richard & Nicole

Review for Patio Deck-Art

Relationship: Client Mr Eauger

Project Date: May 2015
Thanks to Robin and Maxime for our new patio! We had high expectations following our meeting with them and they were exceeded!! Working with Patio Deck-Art means: superior quality materials, meticulous finishing, flexibility during construction and listening to their client. In addition, it is the only company that has included in the construction a professional protection treatment for the wood. We highly recommend Patio Deck-Art!
LikeMay 24, 2015

Why choose us

  • Over 35 years of patio building experience
  • Robin has the vision and industry knowledge to turn your deck into a reality. Together we will work on all the plans to create the perfect deck.
  • “Keeping up with new products and design styles has allowed me to work with some of the best architects, designers and builders in the industry. I learned how to maximize the use of space while keeping the area visually appealing. »
  • Finally, with that said, Robin will guide you through all the stages of designing and drawing the plans and personally building your new patio and you will get a five year warranty for labor, it's the best warranty in industry, why because we have confidence in our know-how.
  • Robin Tremblay
  • Master carpenter and professional installer

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Planning on building a new deck or patio look no further with over 500 different timeless designs and models I’m sure you will find something that will fit just perfectly in your backyard

timeless patio models

Très beau patio 2 niveaux en bois avec pergola en cèdre


Très beau patio 2 niveaux en bois avec pergola en cèdre
  • PATIO DECK-ART DESIGNS offers you a whole range of different specialties for your personal needs
  • change your railings
  • changes your stairs
  • extension of your patio deck
  • pool door repair
  • replace patio deck skirts
  • leveling patios & decks
  • replace privacy sound walls
  • remplacer votre plancher de patio
  • replacing old patio & deck floors
  • Building exterior kitchens